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Carbon Emissions Report

Our carbon footprint report is customized for organizations at any stage of their sustainability journey and is a vital tool in decarbonizing your business. Understanding your carbon footprint is key to effective management and joining the clean energy transition. Let CPV Retail help you measure and manage your journey with a free carbon footprint report.

  • Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Budget planning and predictability

CPV Retail
Energy Solutions

CPV Retail proudly serves clients in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Delaware, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland (PJM). We offer a range of solutions, designed to benefit your company and the planet alike.

Fixed Rate

A Fixed Rate plan locks in a set rate for the duration of the contract. The price per kilowatt hour will remain the same, avoiding any fluctuating in electricity bills.

  • Not impacted by changing market conditions
  • Predictability allows for budget planning


An Index is similar to a variable plan in that the price per kWh can go up or down each month. It differs in that the rate changes are based on an Index, not on electricity usage.

  • Opportunity to capitalize on savings when market rates trend lower
  • Offers flexibility to change plan in the future

Block & Index

Block & Index combines fixed-price protection alongside variable-price flexibility, providing ability to choosing usage needs while still hedging against rising prices.

  • Capitalize on both fixed and variable market components to minimize exposure
  • Customized solution with flexibility

Load Following
Block & Index

Load Following Block & Index, a variation of the standard block and index product, allows the fixed price to be applied to a percentage of usage.

  • Provides additional flexibility for customers
  • Not limited to a fixed, static quantity which may or may not cover the deviations of consumption due to weather or other factors

Solutions powered by Green Energy

We are committed to enabling businesses to meet their energy transition goals and align with the global goal of a more sustainable future. Any of our products can be combined with 100% green energy or adjusted to fit your organization’s needs. Together let’s lead the way in environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Let’s Customize an Offer for You

Allow our team to create a plan tailored to your needs to address all or parts of your energy-related costs. We look forward to working with you.

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